Hello friends, i’m starting to blog here again.

Life have been pretty crazy these past 2 years, with all the hoo hahs that has been happening around me. But it’s okay, I take it in with a stride and that makes me into a stronger person.

I’ve been crazy about amigurumi since a few months back. Here’s one that I’m working on this week. 2016-05-09_20.21.23


I’ll be back very soon for more updates! :-)



Sunday lunch

I’ve been craving for Korean BBQ for the longest time.

Where I live, there are a few well known Korean BBQ restaurants which are good. Oneof them is this shop called Korean House in SS2. That’s where we went.

I love the kimchi soup there, not too spicy, and enough sourness in it.

I particularly look forward to their side dishes (banchan, ??).
Korean restaurants are so generous with banchan, they keep refilling them for free. It’s a culture thing. Love the kimchi, and the lotus roots especially. And so colourful.

And they always serve either some pancake or steam egg dish,  and they will say it’s their complimentary dish. We got the steam egg this round.

This dish – kimchi rice cake, is a must try. Expensive dish RM30 for a plate with no meat (just fish cakes), but it’s something different. I usually don’t order this but decided to have it this round. Super delicious as I was super hungry, but my personal preference would be to have it slightly more spicy!

Here are the bbq dishes.

and pork.

By far this is one of the Korean restaurant I know that serves bbq duck. This one that came was overcooked! It would have been fantastic if it was done medium rare.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my meal so much and we even had some leftovers for my friend’s dog Jacky!


My candlelight sushi dinner- No electricity!

Last Sunday, around 2pm our electric fuse tripped. We did a plug point check to eliminate the problem area, but the fuse kept tripping. Probably due to too many trips, the spring in the fuse spoilt; hence no electricity. No wiremen was available on Sunday, so we had to spend the rest of our Sunday without electricity (which meant no wifi, unable to charge our tablets/laptops/handphones, no air conditioning, no hot water).

Being in this era, and very pampered and dependent on modern technology; having no electricity was a torture to me. I felt so bored with nothing to do and uncomfortable – I cannot sew as my sewing machine require electricity, I cannot crochet as it was too dark under candlelight, it was too warm I felt so uncomfortable, mosquitoes everywhere because there was no air conditioning and we had to open the windows… the whole evening and night was just disasterous! I did not sleep well, in fact I don’t think I slept! Everyone else at home didn’t sleep well too, and poor Scout was panting the whole night long.

Anyway, here’s something which was the only satisfying thing for me that day…
My candlelight dinner.

The next day, we had to “borrow electricity” from our neighbour to charge our handphones!!! The wireman could not come until 3pm but thank goodness everything was solved by the time I return from work :). Thank you God for electricity.



T’shirt yarn

This I made.

To crochet a sleeping mat.

For my lovely Lab.


I got some help though, using these tutorials here and and here. Thank yous!!

T’shirts are from Big Aeon, RM7 each. Bought the largest size I could find XL and XXL.

I wanted to use recycled t’shirts but the color wasn’t right, the material wasn’t right (not the jersey type), and they are mostly not plain and with seams on the side.

Each skein is 1 t’shirt.


Can’t wait to start the rug… or mat…


This is my 2nd project from my latest yarn haul. A chevron cozy/purse for my 8″ tablet (Samsung Note 8).


I love the chevron and the combination of colors. Earthy colors catches my attention.

I made the stitches tight, used a 4.0mm hook on a 8ply worsted weight acrylic yarn. I think this yarn actually calls for a 5.0mm hook.

I was inspired by this pattern on Lion Brand’s website, but didn’t actually follow their written pattern. Made it up as I go along. Nevertheless here’s the link to their pattern click here


I also inserted lining, all for the love of my tablet… scratch proof!

I am happy crocheteer!!!!!



Atardecer Shawl

This is the shawl I made from the Spotlight yarns I bought. Completed in the same weekend I bought the yarn (it was a long weekend, we had Malaysia day on 16 September Tuesday, and I took the Monday off).

It only took less than 1 skein, so I have 4 skeins left. I guess I overestimated and besides I didn’t have a pattern in mind when I bought the yarns.


The good news is that I have lots of pretty purple yarns to make something else 😉

I’m loving this shawl, and the color’s really pretty.


Here’s the link to the pattern.


Yarns at Spotlight

Hello Friends! Hello Blog!

Finally Spotlight is in Malaysia! And finally I got my lazy ass up (and a driver) and arrived there safely. It’s located in my city KL, but in an area I’m not familiar with and on normal days I wouldn’t even think of going to that area. But it’s not too far, just around 30 km from my home.

I was excited to see what sort of yarns they have and how much they cost. Headed straight to the yarn section. Oh no… actually the first thing I did was to apply for membership. That way I can enjoy the member’s discount. I am already a member of Spotlight Singapore, but the card is not valid in Malaysia. After that, my shopping basket got filled up with yarns in no time! That was the only things I bought in Spotlight.


Overall, I would say the yarns are pretty and there are a variety of selection. I always prefer cotton or cotton blend. They look nice, feels good and is cooling when made into apparels. But I do go for acrylic, as they are much much cheaper. I am particular about the acrylic yarns I choose, as some frays easily or is too rough.

The ones I found in Spotlight is my current favourite. Not only they have sizes, the quality is good. Price is good at the discouted rate (only RM6-7 for a skien of 280m 8ply).


I hope the discounted price last forever!!!!!! If without discount, I would say it’s a tad bit expensive and I’d be more calculative when throwing skeins after skeins into my shopping basket. Let’s all keep our fingers cross that Spotlight never ever stop giving discounts!!!

This is what I bought last week. My latest treasure.



1/3 of these belongs to my sister, she wants to make a blanket and a scarf.

For me, I am thinking a shawl, some bags and a blouse (the red yarn, they are cotton+acrylic).


Well, to date (only after a week) I have completed a shawl, a chevron bag and a chevron purse for my tablet. I will post some photos in my later post. Bye for now.


hEy dEy

This is my horse. 
Handsome, arragont little fella!

He is hungry. “Where are my carrots?”

He sleeps after food.

My cows are lining up to be milked.

I’m a hayday addict!

Haha.. can’t wait to level up. Can’t wait to clear my orders.



Card games

Recently my Sister indulged in her interest to play card games.

In my childhood, I don’t recall playing card games, except for Uno. At that time, I associated card games to those poker cards like Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland hehehe :D.

Anyway, we bought 2 new card games – Cluedo and Life.

card games

I’ve played Life when I was on holiday in Koh Lipe. It was a board game.card games

Pretty interesting. I can’t wait to try the card version.

I think it’s a family trait to be slightly obsessed with things. Ones we find something enjoyable, we indulge in it like there is no tomorrow… hahahhaa… and the other obsession is that some things like cards, books, pretty boxes must be kept “as good as new”; no finger prints, doggy ears, scratches, etc. So guess what we did with our game cards? We laminated each and every card, including the instructions template!

card games

 Now, what’s left is to cut them and nip the corners into nice rounded edges.

They play time! Yippie!