May 17th GIVEAWAY day


**Edit:: This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank U all for joining. :-)

Hello dear friends, I am having another giveaway… hosted by Sew Mama Sew “Make May 17th a Giveaway Day all over blogland!”

 Here’s what I’m giving away ::

Two earrings and two necklace made by me, plus loads of beads and charms.

Sew Mama Sew May 17th Giveaway

Sew Mama Sew May 17th Giveaway

    Here are the rules ::
  • Everyone is welcome
  • I ship internationally
  • All you need to do is leave a comment & email in this post.
  • I must be able to contact you via your comment. {link me in your blog, i love finding new blogs to read!}
  • Giveaway opens from now… and closes on 20th May, Thursday 11:59pm GMT +8
  • One winner will be announced shortly after the closing date.

 Sew Mama Sew May 17th Giveaway

If you go to Sew Mama Sew site for the giveaway (link above), my blog giveaway will fall under this category- Handcrafted Item(s)+Supplies/Materials. There you will be able to see a list of blogs having giveaways also starting 17th May.

Come join in our fun !!

Sew Mama Sew May 17th Giveaway

Meanwhile, check out my Etsy Shop. I’ve listed many new fat quarters fabric.

173 thoughts on “May 17th GIVEAWAY day

  1. I just went back to work and was thinking I could use some new jewelry. Please count me in :)

  2. Hey … thanks for stopping by my blog today. I sure do appreciate it. You asked me to come see yours … and guess what? I already did! My comment is above. Too cool eh?
    Good Luck!

  3. Lovely earrings! Please count me in! I also do beading and would like to make these earrings if I dont win it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. My daughter asked me to enter some of these giveaways for her since her computer is not working… she said I could even win something for my wife in some of the contest
    I hope I am doing the entering the right way. Tom in Florida

  5. Wow! I am totally trying to figure out how to make a most secret, yet awesome wedding favour for my wedding this summer. And let me just say that it involves beads. So this would be a terrific prize to win 😀

  6. ohhhhhhh wowow wowowow i have just gotten into making jewellery and am making my first pair of earings for my dear mama. am going to hang up a wee bit, so maybe will incorporate some of your beautiful beads (if i win!!!)
    thank you thank you

  7. Wow how beautiful! How very generous of you!!

    Thanks for the chance to enter. xo

    karibgillespie at gmail dot com

  8. Hi Grace, You sent me a link to your blog in your comment on my giveaway and I’m glad I came over. Haven’t entered many giveaways this time around as I’m busy with my own. Your jewellry is so pretty and as my daughters and I have recently just had our ears pierced we are now on the lookout for pretty earrings. Thanks for sending me over!

  9. HI! I saw your comment in Maruru’s blog and I come to see what you do. Wonderfull work you’ve here. I’ll be back!

  10. your work is really pretty and stylish. I would love to win! I might have to fight my daughters for the jewelry!
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  11. oh what lovely delicate treasures. you are very creatively talented.
    thank you for sharing.

  12. Lovely giveaway items. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  13. Your giveaway is really beautiful!!! I would love to win these special items n_n thank you so much for this opportunity!

  14. Seriously, those earrings are BEAUTIFUL!! I SO hope I’m your winner! Thanks for participating in such a fun event.

  15. Those are so pretty! I haven’t ever done jewelry, but I use beads in other projects and love what you have made!
    thanks for the opportunity!!

  16. Wow how gorgeous! I used to make jewellery…till I had kids. Toddlers and beading in a very small house…don’t mix LOL

  17. Hello! Your jewellery is divine, would love to win me some! And your photography is even better – I just love all the pics you take to show off your creations!

  18. What a fun giveaway! I just recently got into jewelry making and would love to get these supplies. Your creations are gorgeous.

  19. Hi Grace!!Looking forward on your handicraft jewels!!I ‘ve been admiring on your handmade jewels since the first time I saw u wore at Melvin & Nozy’s wedding!!!I loved those necklace!!!

  20. Cute designs! And beads are always welcome in my home, he he.

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    debyeo at hotmail dot com

  21. Ooo.. beautiful jewelry.. I loove those, you are so talented.
    I love to enter this giveaway..

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  22. Oh wow… I cant remember the last time I had new jewellery… actually it may have just been the wedding ring which was slipped onto my finger hehe

    xo Steph

  23. what beautiful items, Please enter me in your lovely drawing. ladycolmn(at)aol(dot)com from the Florida Gulf Coast area

  24. Great giveaway! I love your jewelry and those beads and charms are fabulous :)


  25. Gorgeous earrings and necklaces!
    I had a look to your shop, and I so love the Bistro fabric :)
    liz (dot) learning (at) email (dot) it

  26. Holy UGH! I want those earrings so badly! And the beads… oh the beads. (sigh)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. You have very delicate and chic pieces of jewelry and it’s wonderful you joined the sewmamasew movement.

  28. What amazing work you do!
    This is my first time participating in something like this online. What fun!
    My blog is:

  29. Oh I think this giveaway day is such a lovely thing to do. Thank you so much! :)
    You make wonderful jewelry, congrats!!
    Cheers from Brazil and all the best!
    (please excuse my poor english, lol)

  30. what a great giveaway! i love everything! thanks for the chance to win. i adore your blog! :)

    i’m now a follower via google reader !

  31. i feel dowdy. i need to glam myself up. and those glam earrings and necklaces are perfect for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


    yay to grace!

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  33. I have not been wearing earrings for a long time! It would be great if I can win it to wear!^_^

    Join my giveaway fun too!

  34. Hi, Grace! And count me in, please!! Wow these beads jewelries are so beautiful!! Thanks for your generosity 😉

  35. Que lindo seus brincos!
    E aqueles tecidinhos são maravilhosos, adoro ver tecidos esperando pra virar alguma coisa!
    Bjs e boa semana

  36. Nice give away! I’d love to wear these items so count me in!! I have a give away going and it’s up today. Take a look!!

  37. Hi Grace!!
    What a wonderful give-away!! I’m dropping you this note because I would love to have a chance to win your prizes!
    I have a give-away post scheduled for tomorrow as well, so be sure to visit my blog tomorrow!
    Have a great week,

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