experiment front zipper pouch and new galaxy note pouch

A little night sewing doing a little experiment.
Front zip pouch.

Front- zip side:
front zipped phone pouch_fron

My first time sewing this, with full lining (no raw seams insides). Usually when sewing this type of pouches, I leave the inside with raw seams showing; either that or use bias tape or zig zag stitches.
Thought of trying something different, and since I was not in my lazy mode… I made this with no raw seams!

Back – pretty fabric side:
front zipped phone pouch_back

Anyway, my new iPhone pouch.
Sorry no photo of the “un”raw seams.
The strap is made from faux leather.

Here is another Samsung Galaxy Note pouch, custom order from a friend.
samsung galaxy pouch

samsung galaxy pouch1

I sure love sewing with canvas and linen. Nice and sturdy. :)
Happy Tuesday my friends!


Galaxy note pouches

Custom order from a friend :-)

Aren’t the little green beans cute?

Green beans are cotton canvas, soft and sturdy.
Chick & lace are Japanese cotton. Kawaii and comfy.

samsung galaxy note pouch_chick&lace

Double layer batting on each side of the pouch for extra protection.

samsung galaxy note pouch_greenbeans