Hello and welcome!

I’m Fel and I’m a crafterholic 🙂 living in Malaysia. I have 3 furkids that I love to bits but sometimes they drive me crazy.

I’ve been a crafter all my life. My family members are all crafty people in different ways. However, my grandmother was the person that inspired me the most and taught me a lot about crafting. Her creativity and brilliance when it comes to handicraft inspires me to this day.

I sew, knit and crochet. Recently, I’ve taken up soapmaking and have grown to love it. I make coldprocess soap and also whipped soap.

My soaps are available for sale and I’m also open to custom orders. However, since my soaps are mostly coldprocess, my soaps can only be sold after 8 weeks because they need to be cured. Do contact me for further information.

I’m also on instagram, where I have almost weekly updates of my new creations.Come and visit me @WLSoapyBubblesByFel