Hello, thanks for visiting my humble website. I live in Malaysia. Love animals, especially my dog, coffee, green tea and enjoy a simple not complicated life.

I’m a craft-aholic. I love making things, from sewing to crocheting to stamping to applique to beading to making Rosaries to decoupage to ……….. I’m also a hoarder of crafty materials. Depending on the type of craft I am obsessed at that time, I hoard the raw materials to make that particular craft.

Recently, since Chinese New Year 2016, I am into crocheting amigurumi (making dolls with crochet), so recently I’ve been hoarding yarns and amigurumi patterns!

I sell what I make. Mostly because I make too much of them. By selling them too, I get to make up for the amount I spend on hoarding. And I really really feel love and appreciated if someone comes and ask me to make a custom order for them. It makes me feel happy and satisfied. So, I take custom orders too!

I know I have not been updating my website or facebook page or etsy shop for a long time now. So today, 10th of May 2016, I am going to try my best to consistently keep all of you updated on my crafty journey and what I am up to lately. Take care, and have a wonderful happy perfect safe day ahead!

Yours Truly

The Whimsical Craft-aholic @ whimsyloft.com


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  1. Georgia Hall | | Reply

    I love this little owl!! I’m going to hit the thrift stores right away and start looking for cute socks. I’m sharing this post with a link on my Friday Friends! feature on my blog. I hope you’ll come check it out. Thanks for sharing your cute ideas.

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