WhimsyLoft or WL as we call it, started one morning in May 2009…

My sister and had recently gotten our own domains a few months prior. But we wanted a place where we could showcase and also talk about the crafts that we make. Just purely about craft.

So we emailed each other (at work!) on domain name ideas. And finally, we decided on WhimsyLoft.com. We still own the domain, but just last year, in 2017, we decided to cut down cost. So we moved our site to WordPress for now.

Nine years on from 2009, WhimsyLoft remains as a place we talk about our craft and share our ideas with other people that like crafting. We are still avid crafters, but like our name, we are whimsical and variable. Our crafting interest fluctuate and change.

But change is good. It keeps things interesting. 😉

Hope you enjoy your visit here!

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