Potholders – Cute Bugs

This past week have found me boiling soups and tongsui (Chinese desserts). I realised that my kitchen do not have a potholder! Seems that we have been satisfied using a kitchen cloth as a potholder substitute, so I figured, why not make one… so here it is!

I made not just one but two!
They look like cute little bugs.

Potholder 3

The blue one is fully handstitch, while the red one, is machine stitch 😛
They measure approx. 5.5″ in width, and 7.5″ in lenght; and I use sponge inside to make it heat-proof.

Potholder 4

Potholder 5

But this doesn’t suit my kitchen colour, so I’m at the moment making a yellow one for my kitchen.

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  1. Holly | | Reply

    So cute!! (and useful!)
    hollycm6 (Holly)

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