3 Types of Bags

Mini Mushroom House Bag.

Mini Mushroom Sling 1

Mini Mushroom Sling 3

This is a prototype. And it’s rated as “tak jadi” (that means cannot see light :-P, didn’t pass through QC). Eeekkk… it was meant to be cute :-(. Nevermind, I will try again.

Mini Mushroom Sling 2

Leaf Motif Wristlet.

Leaf Motif Wristlet

Leaf Motif Wristlet 1

This I love. Made of pretty Japanese cotton, 100% handsewn. Lightly paded with iron on inter-lining. It’s sturdy and yet light.

Leaf Motif Wristlet 3

Sweet Ribbons Tote.

Sweet Ribbons Tote 1

The sweetness of the ribbon prints on Chinese cotton is accentuated by the white lace and pink satin ribbon. This tote is paded with a thin layer of sponge, to give it shape and protect your item. I made this with the intention to carry a laptop. I cannot decide now, whether to put her up in Etsy or keep her for myself ~ just right for me to tug my laptop inside and head down to my favourite Starbucks!

Sweet Ribbons Tote 2

Enjoy your day y’all.


  1. Holly | | Reply

    These bags are precious!! I am enjoying your site very much.
    hollycm6 from swap-bot

  2. Meryl | | Reply

    Why is it that you can never have enough little bags? đŸ™‚ These are really cute!

    –Meryl (from Swapbot)

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