Hearts to You!

Been to the doctor and back. Had this numbness in my left arm… panicked so I rushed to the GP… but it was nothing… just too much computer work… Doc did some test and said it should heal in a few days. Pheewww…

But that didn’t stop me from sewing ;-).

Heart brooch2

Some HEARTS for my customers

 (hopefully I will get more customers soon…)

Heart brooch1

And I have more…

See that fluffy pillow thing at the back of the Hearts?

They are my new Pillow Pincushions!!!

Pillow pincushion1

Huge… larger than palm size.

Pillow pincushion2


Pillow pincushion3

Last but not least… I bought these kitchen towels in Giant yesterday. I have a great idea on what to do with them… but at the moment it’s WIP… when it’s done I’ll make another post ;-).




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  1. Holly | | Reply

    Nice pincushions!!!
    hollycm6 from swap-bot

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