Dog Bone Case

You know how much I love my Labrador… and his favourite treat is a BONE.

So, I made these Bone Shaped Cases.

Bone Cases 1

The zipper is 6″ long, hence the case is long enough to be used as a pencil box, or make-up case. Yes, all my long eye liners, mascara and brushes can fit into this “big bone”.

I embellished the zipper with a key chain with abead and a “kissing couple” charm.

Bone Cases 5

This case is just so full of doggie love ;-).

For more photos of what I have made, visit our WhimsyLoft @ Flickr.


  1. Simone | | Reply

    That is very cool

  2. Michele | | Reply

    How cute are they? I love how you did the zipper and zipper charm.

  3. agnes sim | | Reply

    halo…thanks for your comment in my blog. This case is so cute!

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