Needlebook, A Visitor & Some Leather

It was a wonderful morning. I listed one new product in Etsy, and updated my shop in ArtFire.

I know I haven’t mentioned anything about my ArtFire shop… mainly because I hardly list items there. But I do sometimes ;-). The products are the same as in my Etsy.

We had a visitor today. He came 3 times today to visit my dogs. How I know it’s a “he” is because he did his “manly leg-up” thing on my car tyres! 😛


This is my new needlebook.

I call it the House With No Roof Needlebook!

House Needlebook

House Needlebook

Oh, I also like to share with you this…
My Father gave me these 2 days ago. They have been sitting in our store room for ages… Dad wants me to make him a PDA cover (and i did!) with these. I will post photos of the handsewn PDA cover soon.

Have a great day… I am looking forward to my dinner date this evening. We are having Korean 🙂


  1. Gina Cunningham | | Reply

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I use adobe photoshop elements 6 (version 7 is out now) to make my digital layouts. I taught myself how to use it. Its not hard and there are tons of tutorials online.

    The stamps I carve are carved on mastercarve blocks. You can get them and carving tools on or

    Just search for Mastercarve and they will come up. They are just carving blocks and cut like butter. Very nice. HTH! 🙂

    Love your stuff too!! Going to go check out more of it.,


  2. Ky | | Reply

    Really enjoyed your blog and spent waaaay too much time here! 🙂 I loved those coasters and haven’t seen anything like those around. Also, great idea for the ends of drawstring bags! Thanks for a good read, I’ll be “reading you”! 🙂 Ky-Swap Bot

  3. Jembogawa | | Reply

    Hi 🙂
    I’m Jembogawa from swap-bot. I enjoyed reading your blog~*

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