How To Make Cover Buttons

This is a simply way to make pretty buttons.

But the important part is that you need to have the DIY tool and the metal parts.

There are many sizes of cover buttons which requires different size of tools.

Here are how I make cover buttons size 3/4″.

Cut little round pieces of fabric with diameter 4 cm.

To be more creative, you can use plain fabric and embroidery on it. This is what I am working on currently, but no photos yet ;-).
How to Make Cover Buttons

Use the tool – see the white and blue plastic? That’s the tool. They look like bottle caps.
How to Make Cover Buttons

Put the fabric on top of the white tool, and then the rounded metal cap. The rounded side face down, the right side of the fabric face down into the white tool.

The cover buttons has 2 parts, the rounded metal cap and the other side of the button which I call the button-back.
How to Make Cover Buttons

You can use your fingers or the blue tool to push both fabric into the white tool. You don’t need much strength. The white tool is quite soft. Ones pushed in, arrange the fabric to cover the metal cap.
How to Make Cover Buttons

See, when the fabric is arranged nicely, it should sort of wrap around the metal cap and when you put on the button-back you will not see any fabric showing.
How to Make Cover Buttons

Now to “lock” the button-back into the metal cap (front of button) you need to use the blue tool and push really hard. Sometimes you hear a sound “pop!”
How to Make Cover Buttons

That’s it! Remove the button from the white tool and you get your button.

How to Make Cover Buttons



  1. Eäréwen | | Reply

    I actually wanted tp make my own buttons for my sewing projects so thanks a lot for these explanations : they show that it is not so difficult, I will not worry so much now =)) Thanks !!

  2. SpiritMama | | Reply

    I just got my kit and made some very cute buttons. It is easy and fun!

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