Playing with Socks

Thank you my friends for joining my One World One Heart (OWOH) giveaway.

It’s still going on… until the 15th of Feb. Click HERE to join.

Meanwhile, last week I found some cute little unused socks in my wardrobe… I can’t believe I have so many socks when I don’t wear except for travel, and I have separate sport socks for gym. What do I need so many socks for??!!

So… what do I do with them?…

Made some random little plushes… they’re good for random decoration.

No pattern, to planning… just snip-and-sew… and look how they turn out…

Here’s Mr Wrabbit…

Here’s the clown Monkey…
Am I a Monkey?

Here’s Miss Oink-oink…
Oink! oink!

And last but not least Meow (I don’t know whether its a “he” or “she”…) … hiding between my books.

I’ve also added Google Friends Connect in my sidebar. Feel free to join as my friends. 🙂

One World One Heart GIVEAWAY

Update:: 15th Feb 2010

This Giveaway is now CLOSED.

I will randomly select 2 winners and announce them soon. Good Luck!!!


Hello hello!!

It is 25th January (finally!), and it is the start of this One World One Heart blog event giveaway.

***I am sooo excited!!!***


So, here are my GIVEAWAYS.

I have decided to have TWO (2) gifts for TWO (2) lucky winners.


Flex Frame Purse DIY Kit

I will be giving away a kit made of these item below.

Giveaway #1: Flex Frame Purse DIY Kit

There will be enough fabric, lace, interlining and one flex frame to make a purse that looks just like this.

Giveaway #1: Example of completed purse

Giveaway #1: Example of completed purse

You can find a Step-by-step Tutorial here.

The ready made purse is not included in the giveaway 😉


Cover Buttons DIY Kit

For my 2nd giveaway, I will be giving a kit to make some cover buttons.

Giveaway #2: Cover Buttons DIY Kit

I will also include some Japanese cotton fabric scraps (small random pieces) … in case you will like to use them to make the buttons… or you can use your own fabric. Below, example of Japanese fabrics where the scraps will come from 😉

Giveaway #2: Example of Japanese cotton

This will be how your cover buttons will look like when using Japanese cotton (these are examples only, not included in giveaway)

Giveaway #2: Example of completed buttons

Instructions to make cover buttons here.

All you have to do is leave a comment in this post, and make sure you leave an email or blog address so that I can contact you (important ok *smile*)…

This giveaway closes on 15th February 2010 (11.59pm, GMT +8). Winners will be announced shortly after that.

 Wherever you are and whoever you are, everyone is WELCOME.

Thank you thank you. Nice to meet you all !





A while ago, Muriël (Hopfaldera) gave me a SUNSHINE award! THANK YOU very much!!!

It made me happy everytime I know someone reads my blog… and to give me an award… wow! I’m double happy 😉

The conditions when accepting this award is as follows:

* Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
* Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
* Link the nominees within your post.
* Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

So, here is me fulfilling the conditions…

May lots of Sunshine go to these bloggers, who has inspire me (& Whimsy Loft) in many ways.

Here goes… in alphabetical order:

by Connie
casserole blog
heidi stitches when she can
Jace Makes
My Dog Diary
Sew What
Under Lock and Key
the little things

Magic Carpet 2010

I nominated myself to be a Magic Carpet Ticket Holder.

See the LOGO at my sidebar, it will link you to the information page about this worldwide “blogger gathering”.

This is so fun!

I can’t wait till the 25th of January where I get to post my free giveaways to my lucky readers.

I want to know my readers (yes you! )  :-).

I know I have a number of readers (google analytics and feedburner tells me so…) but somehow you are all quiet out there…

I always appreciate a comment, even if it’s just a “HI”. Please don’t be shy 🙂

Hopefully this event will kick start our conversations and close the barriers. So… look out for my giveaways!

25th Jan to 15th Feb


Oh! Charmaine…

Here’s the little doll I whipped up for my cousin’s little girl.

I made this after reading half a dozen of doll tutorials. And finally settled for drawing and cutting out my own pattern. I guess it’s sorta original but I admit I borrow heavily from Martha Steward Black Apple Doll (although I didn’t touch the free pattern they provided).

Charmaine Doll

Dolly Charmaine’s face and hair are made of felt & embroidery. The hands, legs and dress/body are made of calico and cotton. Insides… non-allergic polyfill ;-).

I just had to embroider my initial “G” on Dolly’s palm. And on her chest, is the baby girl’s name “Charmaine”.




Hello 2010 !!!

First of all, I want to wish you all…


It’s been a busy new year for me, albeit things are moving quite slow. So busy + slow, mean I have pockets of time to catch up on my breathing… hahaha…

Anyway, for this New Year, I have made some new products for the shop.

Big Love Elephants

Felt embellishment SET or some people call them applique SET.

They are all up on my Etsy, I list a few at a time only…

They are good for all your scrap booking projects, card projects, decorative projects… etc. They can be sewed on or glued on. Work great both ways! 🙂

Chirpy Love Birds