This is a very simple Tutorial to make a Sock Owl.

Tutorial :: Sock Owl 19

I’m using the leggings sock… the one that goes from your ankle up to your knees.

See photos below from left to right.

Measure 5″ from the rubber and cut. We only need this part, the rest can be kept for other toys ;-).

Turn the sock around and sew a straight line on the rubber part. This will be the head / ears of the owl.

Tutorial :: Socks Owl Mosaic 1

Ones done, go to the other side (where we cut just now), and fold the opening into 3 section like the photos. (sorry I don’t really know how to explain). What I am trying to do here is the tail, and legs of the owl.

The section that I am holding in the photo is about 1 cm and it’s the tail of the owl. Make sure it is in the middle. Sew it up.

Then continue to sew the other section (the legs sections should be longer that the tail). Leave a small hole to put in the polyfill.

Tutorial :: Socks Owl Mosaic 2

Turn the socks around. It should look like the first photo below. Fill with polyfill, then close the hole.

Here is that body of the owl. Just press the polyfill to shape it more like an owl.

Tutorial :: Socks Owl Mosaic 3

Now, use some felt to cut the eyes and nose. I didn’t measure or draw a pattern. Just cut them free hand like the pattern in the photo. I embroider the black dots of the eye. You can also use buttons or brads, but I like to embroider because it is safer for children.

Sew the felt on the owl as shown in photos below.

Then (refer bottom panel of photos), cut 2 pieces of felt and 2 pieces of socks in another colour (you can also use fabric). Again, I didn’t measure or have a pattern. I just draw freehand shapes of wings.

Use simple stitches to sew the pink socks on the felt, then sew them on the sides of the owl.

Tutorial :: Socks Owl Mosaic 4

Ones you have sewn the wings, the owl should look like the photo below. See the bottom of the owl… it is like  “Y”.

Your owl is complete. Enjoy it!

Tutorial :: Socks Owl Mosaic 5

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  1. Khris | | Reply

    How cute….thanks so much for sharing your tutorial. I have put a link to you on my freebies blog…hugs Khris

    • Whimsy Loft | | Reply

      Hi Khris, Thanks for linking me 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Kylie | | Reply

    Love your owl! And thank you for the time spent making us a tutorial. You are so generous! I recently finished a sock baby and love it. Sock creatures are so cuddly and cute. Whats more any odd sock lying around at home can be put to good use. Especially to make your owl!

    • Whimsy Loft | | Reply

      Hi Kylie, you are most welcome. It’s really my pleasure to share everything crafty 😉

  3. melinda cornish | | Reply

    i love this owl and the tutorial is great….

  4. Ravenhill | | Reply

    Your little owl tutorial is marvelous. These are just as cute as can be!

  5. Jace | | Reply

    This little guy is so cute and colourful. 🙂 Nice job.

    • Whimsy Loft | | Reply

      Thank you Jace! 🙂

  6. Catherine | | Reply

    These are just too adorable! I think I will make one….right now…

  7. Trish | | Reply

    Absolutely love it – so cute!

  8. trishie | | Reply

    Oh my, this is so cute!

  9. Katie @ goodLife {eats} | | Reply

    Oh my gosh, these are just too cute! I have to send them to my owl obsessed friend. And my stuffed animal obsessed daughter would surely love them.

  10. Kathleen | | Reply

    This is so cute. Thank you for the tutorial! I tried it out over the weekend and posted my results to a blog I just started (http://craftresolution.blogspot.com/). I hope you don’t mind me linking your page.

  11. Elsa | | Reply

    Hi, I love these owls; they are so adorable. VERY VERY CUTEEEEEEEE.

  12. Maranda | | Reply

    Lovely:) I can’t wait to make one. I’m so into owls right now.

  13. Mommyof2Girlz | | Reply

    So so sweet! Found you through Everyday Beautiful so glad she shared you with us!

  14. Lissy | | Reply

    gorgeous 🙂

  15. Deb | | Reply

    SOOOOO cute!!! I’m featuring this little guy on my blog today in an inspiration feature. Adorable!!!

  16. Lenetta @ Nettacow | | Reply

    I’m a huge sucker for owls! :>) I linked to this on my weekly roundup, the post is under my name. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Silvia | | Reply

    Que coisinha mais fofa!!
    Linda, linda!!
    Parabéns pela ideia maravilhosa

  18. Maria Filomena | | Reply

    Que lindo!!!! Vou fazer um com as instruções que deram neste site.
    Maria Filomena

  19. Elaine Regina | | Reply

    Parabens!!!!!! É muita criatividade e carinho por dividir conosco.
    Beijos. Elaine Regina

  20. Natalie | | Reply

    Yay!! I am sooooo excited to find your tutorial! I love these little sock owls and can’t wait to make some of my very own! Thank you for sharing!!!

  21. Carine Calé | | Reply

    Thank You very much for your amazing tutorial!!!
    I posted a link to it (with your credits) on my blog Feltro-Aholic.
    All the Best!!!

  22. Karla | | Reply

    Great tutorial! I tried to write up my own sock owl instructions on my blog and then came across yours, which is far superior to what I would have done, so I’ve linked to this instead! Cheers 🙂

  23. rachele | | Reply

    lovely!! bye rachele

  24. Terri Currier | | Reply

    My daughter attends a college where the owl is the mascot…think I’ll make this to send back with her in the fall…so cute!!!

  25. Juni | | Reply

    so cute…I love it !!

  26. Halla! | | Reply

    Really cute! I just didnt really understand the pictures though. A video would help!

  27. jader | | Reply

    da ora essa curujinha

  28. HannaFosch | | Reply

    i love it – so cute work!!!!!

  29. ellenx | | Reply

    OMG this is SO adorable i can’t even stand it! so glad i happened upon ur awesome tutorial & i could not wait to make my own little guy:


    (hope this link works…) wow- just when i thought shopping for fun socks couldn’t get more exciting… 🙂 thx!

  30. Sheila | | Reply

    These owls are so sweet, I made some for gifts for my son’s friends. Thank you for sharing

  31. Heather | | Reply

    I love all things owls. Very cute, thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  32. Allison Keats | | Reply

    Question, rubber on a sock?? do you mean the cuff part?

    • Whimsy Loft | | Reply

      yes! 🙂

  33. Nadia | | Reply

    Tellement mignon wow !
    J’aime ? Merci ^_^

  34. am!!!! | | Reply

    love this owl I’m making it 4 my DT homework =]

  35. fern | | Reply

    this is adorable! so glad I found it! 🙂

  36. AppieB | | Reply

    OMGoodness!!!!!! THANK YOU! Can’t wait to get started on this cutie!

  37. Amabel | | Reply

    Lovely and sooo cute I’m makin this 4 my d.t project I’m makin 1 like this and a punk 1 lol

  38. Hannah | | Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this!!
    I made one myself, didn’t turn out as awesome as yours but I shall practice! 😉
    Thankyou for all the inspiration! Please don’t stop!

  39. Cyndi | | Reply

    Way cute!!! Too bad I can’t Pin it;0(

  40. Hannah | | Reply

    I am making this as a Christmas gift for my sister, since she loves owls. Hope it works out & thanks!

  41. Megan | | Reply


    Im only 11 and I made this awsome owl its going to be my homework buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved the easy follow instructions

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  42. Marcia Regina L Morgado | | Reply

    Muito linda! vou tentar fazer uma!

  43. Lisa | | Reply

    Found this on Pinterest. This is so darn cute! Now I just need to find cute socks like the ones you used:) Great tutorial

  44. Katie Adams | | Reply

    I love this owl, he is so cute! Thank you for this great step by step tutorial. I wanted to let you know that I Have added this project to my What Can You Make with a Pair of Socks Round Up. If you would rather I delete your project from this round up please let me know.

    Thanks and have a fabulous Day!

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