Collage, pillows and houses

and that’s how this idea came to life!

This morning, I was thinking of these 3 things ::

I needed pillows for my sofas. Initially the plan was making some animal shaped (that might still come to life one day…)…

Then my fingers were itching on making some felt collages. Am thinking “laundry”. (and that might come to life one day too!)…

And then I was just browsing through some of my travel photos, and came across Amsterdam… photos I took while floating down the Dutch Canals. And “houses”… more accurately Dutch houses came to my mind.

Putting all these together, I’ve got myself some really cute pillows. (p/s: I must apologised for the lighting in the photos… it’s really dim 🙁 )

My Dutch houses pillows

I like the blue one better, and think I could have chosed a better fabric pattern for the red. What do you think?

I didn’t use felt afterall. They are made of cotton and plain calico, stuffed with poly-cotton. I prefer poly-cotton rather than pure polyfill as they are heavier; thus nicer as pillows.

They are the replicate of these 2 Dutch houses models I got from KLM.

Dutch houses models from KLM

I’m quite proud of them I must say… 🙂 I hope you like them too!


  1. Muriël | | Reply

    I love your Dutch pillows!!

  2. Annette | | Reply

    i like i like 🙂

  3. Jace | | Reply

    These are so cute. I like the blue one very much. 🙂

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