Spring Fling Challenge

Today, Ellen introduced me to this Spring Fling Challenge hosted by Life Frosting.

I think it’s a great idea! A super duper great wonderful WOWZER idea!
Well, it’s not spring here in Malaysia… there’s no spring in Malaysia, there’s just the warm tropical weather all year round *sigh* but nevermind it will be spring when I want it to be spring and it will be cleaning when I have to clean…
Spring Fling 2010

I challenge myself to have fling (ebay, re-gift, donate, craigslist, give away, freecycle, recycle, trash) 100 items by the 21st of March.

Watch out y’all, I can do this! 😉



  1. ellen | | Reply

    Awesome! and YES, you can do this!!! I was cleaning out my kitchen today and decided to part with about 10 cookbooks towards the cause! Good luck!!! keep us updated, k?

    thanks to linking back to my blog!

  2. Jace | | Reply

    This is a great idea and I’m tempted to join BUT I’m not sure if I could achieve the goal of “flinging” 100 items by that date? Let me think about this…

  3. Annette | | Reply

    you can definitely do this!


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