Tiny Feets

So last night I had this idea before I fell asleep. It involves baby socks ;-).

First thing this morning, I went in search of baby socks in the departmental store, and I found some really good quality socks at a bargain! Happy happy… 6 pairs of baby socks, and 5 pairs of adult ladies socks, all for less than $10. They are really nice… these are medium thickness and soft to the touch. I love love love love them.

Tiny socks

I realise now that when making softies with socks, the better quality socks you use, the better the softie will turn out. When I first started making socks toys, I used sock I bought a long time ago from thrift markets (just because I like them but I hardly use socks). They were thin and not stretchy enough, and because they were thrifted I had the heart to cut them up (never did I imagine that now I buy socks on purpose just to cut them up !!! Haha…)


Well, this is just a quick post to share my bargain purchase today ;-). 

I’ll be working on these socks tomorrow, hopefully I have something to share very soon !!

More Socks!

Oh ya… my Spring Fling Challenge is going well (see list on side bar) – over these 2 days, managed to compile some 20 plus items I would like to donate to charity or recycle … YAY!! 🙂

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