Spend almost half the day making new tags for Whimsy Loft.

What do you think of it?

I made new tags for Whimsy Loft

Given that I am really lousy at using drawing tools in the computer, I’m really really pleased with the outcome of my new tags. Can’t wait to use them… hehehe

I made new tags for Whimsy Loft

Meanwhile, here’s a very crooked photo of the patchwork drawstring bags I made last week. I use faux leather string and a really heavy pinky beads for the string. I use the same sewing method as my Flex Frame Purses, except that I didn’t attach a flex frame, but use strings instead… so it is quite easy to make. I enjoyed mixing and matching the fabric… I hope they don’t look too clustered!

Patchwork Drawstring Bags

Enjoy your day, I’m off to Mass.

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