Using New Tags

I mentioned last week that I got new tags for Whimsy Loft, and can’t wait to use them.

Made this as quick fixes to my craving to see how my new tags will look like on a piece of cloth :-).

Made 5 pieces of patchwork rectangles… with tags at the side, and cream calico fabric at the back (u can’t see in the photos)
Using my new tags

I’m getting quite addicted to patchwork at the moment… and a good thing too with the amount of scrap fabric I have accumulating!

I like making things that are small and easy, because I’m an impatient person who likes to see the outcome as fast as possible. I hope they do not look so “hurriedly” made :P.

Then from that 5 rectangle pieces I decide to make them into small pouches which can hold my Mp3 player, and some tissue cover. They are all hand sewn.
MP3 pouch

Tissue holder

I can’t help it.. I simply love the way the tags look.┬áHu hu hu…


  1. Shana Putnam | | Reply

    Oh those are so cute!! I love those!

  2. Jace | | Reply

    Bright, cute and colourful! Very nice.

  3. Marci | | Reply

    I love the tissue covers!

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