Story of a dog and a bird


Ones upon a time, there was a dog… Snoopy-lookalike-dog and a Pink-eye-rims-bird. They are good friends, and want to visit the Calendar Twin Tower.

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

So off they went to ask Scout, the guardian to the calendar world… “Scout!” called Snoopy-lookalike-dog.

“Huh?”… Scout said. Surprise that sock toys can speak !

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

“ok ok… go ahead lah… visit the tower”…

So happy Snoopy-lookalike-dog and Pink-eye-rims-bird hop off to the twin tower wonderland.

Pink-eye-rims-bird smiling dementedly all the way…

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

Snoopy-lookalike-dog enjoying his ride in a wine glass…

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

“Thank U Scout” says Snoopy-lookalike-dog.

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

Happy days ahead everyone! I will be travelling and back only just before Easter. See ya!



  1. vunhome | | Reply

    Soooo cute indeed 🙂

  2. Jace | | Reply

    Cute story! 😀 Scout always looks so happy and smiley. 😀 Great job on the sock toys! Love the little doggie.

  3. Kathleen | | Reply

    I love the photo of the dog in the wine glass. So cute!

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