Back with a smile

Hello! I’m back… my efford to avoid blogging for a while has made me want to blog even more. Busy times at the office is not over yet. More to come everyday (unfortunately :-P), thus my crafting got left behind.

Scout & his new "pigs ears"

First and foremost, just a few catch up notes…

A while back, I joined this Spring Fling Challenge (no, I didn’t forget about it…) and I’m happy to tell you that I manage to clear off 100 item! Yay! Coincidently, my Mom was also on an Easter Charity Challenge where she challenged herself to giveaway as many things as possible to charity for Easter. I am proud to say.. that I have given away loads of old books, extra stationeries, clothes that don’t fit me anymore, shoes… even some stuff from my kitchen like an extra oven, toaster and rice cooker! It such a wonderful feeling to be giving away to the needy… but the challenging part was that during the “decision making” process, I am always torn between my “posessive hoarder self” and “generous self”. It’s a tough process. I have not stopped here, I’m currently cleaning the other half of my wardrobe and attic… so perhaps more to giveaway?

Shoes to giveaway

Second update is about my little birds.

Cute Birds

I mentioned that I was going to put these up for sale in my Etsy shop.That did not happen. I did make more, but in the end they were given away as gifts instead. 🙂

Third update… was that I won this (the most left one) and with that came a surprise gift from my friend Jace. She makes pretty stuff with yarns. And each creation comes with much thought and love from her. Thank you Jace! If you would like to own one of her beautiful pieces, hop over to Jace’s etsy shop here.

Well, that’s it for now… I’m going to spend some time in front of the tv :-P. Cheers to you all !

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