spending $$$ on haberdasheries

Lately, I have not really been crafting much. Some odds and ends here and there… sometimes just so my brains register I have MADE something. 😛 It’s funny isn’t it… how we crafters just need to MAKE something.

With all the tiresome brain work activities at work, I destressed by spending money on haberdashery items. Just to share some…

Harbedashery Frenzy

I got most of them from Bangkok 2 weekends ago, while some are from my local haberdashery shop. Yes, even with holidaying in Bangkok, I seek out hobby shops and fabric shops just so I can spend lots of money 😛 hahaha

This is becoming a very bad habit. “Control yourself girl!! “

Meanwhile, I am planning for another giveaway… some miscellaneous this and that from my ever growing stash of haberdashery… I just need some time to sort them out… Have a happy Sunday !


  1. Deb | | Reply

    What a lovely assortment you have collected! I’m a crafter/collector too…just can’t help myself sometimes. :o)

  2. Melissa | | Reply

    I collected various odds and “sods” when I traveled and studied in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland years ago studying ecclesiastical embroidery and bobbin lace. 20 + years later, I still come across something from all those “twiddely bits” (favorite expression from a class there) that is “just the thing” for a project I am working on!!

    My parents traveled around the world in retirement and my Dad would go into hardware stores where ever he went to “just look”. He brought home some fun things that way and met some great local people. He also would happily go to wool shops and needlework shops for his “girls”…wife and daughters. He bought me a “metre of three different linens” from Denmark just because he didn’t know what to ask for and figured I could use them somehow. I am still stitching on them since I usually only use about 8-10″ square at a time.

  3. trishie | | Reply

    Can’t wait to see what you make with these!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Muriël | | Reply

    You bought some lovely things!!

  5. Hej | | Reply

    Ooh, exciting! I love the wooden buttons with the ladybirds on – there are so many possibilities for them!

  6. jacqueline | | Reply

    Such wonderful loot!! I adore those gorgeous sweet buttons. I’ve heard so much about craft shops in Bangkok but have not been there. hehe If i ever did i think im gonna need to bring am empty truck there and a loaded truck back! lol Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  7. SpiritMama | | Reply

    Fun stuff!
    I absolutely LOVE shopping in Bangkok! I haven’t been there for several years, but it’s such a fun place full of EVERYTHING. Did you go to the market? I went there with two backpacks, one on back and a little one on front and got so many wonderful treasures.

  8. emceecouture | | Reply

    I’m the same. just can’t help it….and im jealous staring at your loot!

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