About 2 weeks ago, don’t know what’s got into his head. The dear dog decided to leave his mark on a whole bag of fabric.┬áSo laundry day it was… just love the way these fabric sway in the warm breeze. Took only an hour for them to dry in this heat!
Hanging to dry

See the pink mushroom quilt at the back? I bought this in Bangkok (queen size) for only USD 5. Cool eh??
Hanging to dry

Speaking of Scout, we went to the vet during the weekend for his annual jab. He got irritated when the vet tried to check his ears with the “ear tool” and almost grab her hands in his jaw. Scout doesn’t bite. But when he doesn’t like what you’re doing to him, he grabs your hands in his jaw… well, his jaw is his hands afterall… it could be scary for someone who doesn’t know him though.. hahaha…

Meanwhile, I have 2 new favourite tv series ~ Mercy and NCIS L.A. Yay! Now I have a reason to stay home on Tuesday nights.

Ok. Will stop here for now. Later alligator !

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    my next trip to kl, can i stay with you and baring2 with all the fabrics? they’re gorgeous!

    i think i’m gonna faint.

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