Introducing …

my newest addition to the sewing basket…

rotary cutters

1 for my cuz Annette, 1 for me…

It’s amazing how a little something like a spanking brand new rotary cutter can make my day.

Here’s a peek on what I’ve been making the last weeks…
2 cell phone pouches… fits Nokia E71 perfectly.
Felt handphone pouches

A Rosary for my Godma… a custom gift requested by my God Sis for her Mom for Mother’s Day this May.
Rosary & felt pouch

7 thoughts on “Introducing …”

  1. so sweet the rosay la ,…. nice ok question …. how u make the glory be beads ,… i mean red in the middle then the outer layer the small beads ah ? cantik

  2. I adore my rotary cutter! Glad you are enjoying your new toy. These phone pouches are really cute. That rosay is gorgeous! I am sure your Godmama is gonna love it! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

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