i got a new sewing machine

Went to Brother’s head office for a demo this morning, and immediately headed to the dealer to get this BABY.
My new sewing machine

I won’t say I haven’t thought about buying a new machine, but it’s just that I haven’t thought about buying it as much as I expected to have thought about buying before I bought :p Haha…

Boy I sure have a lot to learn… upgrading from this old mama to this new baby sure made me realise that I have a huge “sewing machine generation gap” to close.

old mama::
My Sewing Machine "Big Mama"
Old mama needs a rest, she’s been needing service more often than usual… but still reliable when you need her.

Now, the new babe in town is all set and ready to rat-a-tat-tat! Looks like I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon learning how to rat-a-tat-tatting!!

My new sewing machine

I’m so happy. Hope you have a fun creative wonderful weekend too!


  1. Sheena | | Reply

    waaa..sooo good!!I wish I have talents like you…even putting a yarn over knitting needle start to pening already…haha

  2. Silvia | | Reply

    Que linda sua máquina nova!
    Boas inspirações para o fim de semana!
    Que você consiga executar trabalhos mais lindos ainda.

    Bjs e bom final de semana!

  3. Hej | | Reply

    Have fun with it!

  4. Amy | | Reply

    Oh my gosh what a fancy new machine! The age gap between my 2 machines is about 50 years or so, and that was pretty exciting…so many more buttons & gadgets 😀

  5. jacqueline | | Reply

    Yipee Congratz! It’s always nice to upgrade! I am sure you will LOVE your new machine. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  6. Catherine | | Reply

    That looks great! I can’t wait to buy a new sewing machine after we move in a month or so. I have never used a Brother machine though. I will have to try one out.

  7. Lia | | Reply

    wow….how do you even use the old one??? 😀

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