Rosary Kits

Sunday was spent counting beads and putting together 60 packets of Rosary kits. Yes… May is the month of Rosary, and I am hosting a Rosary-making class in church.

These beads are so pretty and not too costly. They are plastic pearls… basically plastic beads made to look like pearls. They come in strings and strings of white beads which has been “dipped” into the colour of choice.


I choosed mauve and peach… and to make up the rest of the Rosary strings… I choosed tiny shell/cream coloured beads.

They’re so pretty… that Scout cannot help but “spy” while I was counting and packing…

Here they are all packed up…

I wish I can pack them up in nice fabric bags… but our budget doesn’t allow it… well nevermind… !
Rosaries beads all packed up

Each kits has 59 rosary beads (coloured beads) and about 150 tiny beads, approximately 2.5 metres of monofilament thread and of course the center piece & cross. (these kits here don’t have the center pieces and crosses yet… still waiting for supplier to deliver).
Rosaries beads all packed up

For those of you in Malaysia, anywhere around Petaling Jaya, feel free to come for our free Rosary making class (you just need to buy the kits!) on 22nd and 29th May in SFX Church.


  1. Elle | | Reply

    Wow, so interesting! I love the colours you chose, I don’t think I’ve ever seen rosaries with peach or mauve beads 🙂

  2. jacqueline | | Reply

    These are gorgeous colors and such a fun event! I hope it’s gonna be a huge success! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. fatima | | Reply

    Im interested in rosary making. Hope to come there soon to learn it.

  4. Elaine | | Reply

    Hi i would like to buy beads to make rosary for my moyher in law 40th days dead. I want to learn and make give it away to relatives. Pls email or contact me. Thsnk you elsine 012v3593315

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