Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse

Hello Friends, I’ve had a great week in Singapore, meeting up with colleugues and clients from all over the world. I’ve missed us all in our bloggy crafty world :-).

Well, I’m back and ready to start crafting again!

I’ve been asked by someone to give a simple tutorial on how I made this rosary purse.  I hope my explaination below is clear. Please ask me if you have any questions 🙂

I use to sew by hand when using felt, but now with my spanking new sewing machine, I can now sew on felt! Yay! So this tutorial, I machine {blanked stitch} the purse… but of course you can sew by hand if you wish.

1. Cut 2 rectangle pieces of felt. In photo, the blue is for the inside/lining, and flower is for the outside. They measure 14″ x 5″ each.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 1

2. Put the 2 pieces on top of each other, and blanket stitch on one of the 5″ end.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 2

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 3

3. Fold the felt into 2 lengthwise (like the photo), and cut a small curve on the other 5″ end (the one that is now sewed).
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 4

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 5

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 6

4. Then, fold the felt like the photo (to resemble the purse) and marked the place where you want to put the buttons. I use pop buttons this time. But you can use velcro or even buttons with button holes.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 7

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 8

5. Now, after you have made the markings, open the felt and sew the buttons on. Make sure that you sew the button on only one layer of the felt. This is so that your sewing will not show through the lining of the purse.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 9

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 10

6. Ones done, fold the felt again to resemble the purse. This is where u trim off any access felt. Usually the lining/inside felt will show out (like the photo).
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 11

7. Then, blanked stitch all around the 3 sides to make the purse!
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 12

Here’s how it looks when done and all buttoned up 🙂
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 13

Hope you understand my simple tutorial. Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse”

  1. Hi, Grace:) This is such a cute purse and your tutorial is very clear and easy to follow 🙂 I’ve never seen a felt with a flower print, either – what a great find. BTW I own a Brother sewing machine myself and I love it, too!

  2. Dearest Grace, that is where you were at Singapore! I missed you while you were away. 🙂 Welcome back!! Oh and i am loving your new blog look and banner! Lovely!

    WOW your tutorial is wonderful and so detail! Thanks so much for making this and sharing it with us! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

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