Learning how to quilt

You may have noticed that I am pretty undecisive about my blog template. I’ve been changing it almost too often these past weeks… and I’ve not been posting much either.

Inspirations I have a lot… from you and yours… each and everyone of your creative deeds and daily lives inspire me to create… But time I have very little. With the pressure of my day job (even though I work from home) and people around me demanding for my time… by the end of the day I am just exhausted {plus the age thing coming in… hehehe}.

Here’s some crafty bits I’m trying to accomplish.

circle patch quilt

Teaching myself how to quilt. Still very green in using the blanket stitch function on my sewing machine… and learning the technique of quilting.

Lesson 1 ~ I should have use an interfacing… see photo below – how the fabric pull while I sew blanket stitch all around? *sad* It’s ok I guess.. so now it’s time to decide what fabric to use for the back.
circle patch quilt

Lesson 2 ~ See I was trying to create the Zig-zag pattern, but after sewing all the triangles… I noticed that my zig-zags have a “blunt” tip *oh gwak*… {but at least they are consistently “blunt” all over… :P}… so ugly!!! Oh well… I decided to stop this quilt and make use of this tiny piece to make a flex frame pouch.

zig zag yellow polkadots quilt


  1. Xue | | Reply

    I can’t remember how your previous blog header looked liked but I do like this blog header. I have some fabrics with these similiar colourful dotty dots in the header !
    And the blunt zig-zag isn’t ugly. Because they are consistent, the bluntness makes the appliques looked pretty nice. It’s probably just the tension. And if you do not use interfacing, you can just use spray-starch before you sew (which is faster). And to prevent your sewing machine being sensitive to starch gunk, just wipe your needle with baby wipes/wet tissues.

    • Whimsy Loft | | Reply

      oh.. thank u so much Xue for the tips… i read somewhere about the spraying on fabric before sewing but i didn’t digest at that time. next time i drop by the local quilt shop, i will check out the starch spray! yay!

  2. Silvia | | Reply

    Ficou linda!
    Achei bastante trabalhoso, mas é única, perfeita!

  3. Bev C | | Reply

    You are doing a great job Grace,the spray glue will do a great job for the applique or you can use some vliesofix on the back of what you are appliqueing. Happy days.

  4. Sheena | | Reply

    Nice!!Like it!!!

  5. Muriël | | Reply

    Looks like you’re having fun!

  6. claire | | Reply

    Very sweet!

  7. jacqueline | | Reply

    Dearest Grace, your quilt looks amazingly beautiful! Great work!! I totally understand your what you mean in having very little time! I am trying to come up with a game plan time management strategie and hoping it helps me to manage my time better! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

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