ALOHA !!  nooo.. I haven’t been to Hawaii… but I wish I could 🙂

The past weeks has been crazy! Filled with preparing for this very very important presentation for my day job ~ the BIG DAY is tomorrow. Fingers cross, that the “panel of judges” approve us to present our strategy to the board… this will bring a lot of savings to the category *fingers cross…please please please*

Back to some lighter {and craftier} subject, I’ve been making lots and lots and LOTS of my kawaii sticker tapes!!! Love them, and they are easy to make.

Sticker Tape Kawaii Kats

Sticker Tape Love Cafe
Thank you Joanne for commisioning me to make these for you 🙂

Meanwhile, I haven’t stop my “spring cleaning” yet… it has been going slow, a little at a time… and before I could finish another section of my room, I’ve managed to mess up the one I cleared earlier 😛 *hah!*

But something good came out of this… I will soon have a “jumble sale” online… of all the unused goodies I have been stashing in my craft room !!! How about that? Look out for it ya…

Sticker Tape Bears & Rabbits

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  1. helena | | Reply

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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