I want my cake!

Yeap… that’s the title of this post!

I’ve been craving for chocolate moist cakes since last Sunday… yesterday was a disappointment because my sister promised to bring home some cakes and when she came home… NO CAKE !!!

So today, we’re going out to get the cake!!!!

Meanwhile, I am the happiest girl at home today… beeee-cossss I got new stash of fabric {enough to¬†share some in my shop!…}.

Currently I’m crazy over ballerinas…
Ballerina in Paris

and girly sort of motifs… such as…

Girl's day out

Yippie! Cake time!

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  1. Bev C | | Reply

    Hello Grace,

    Hope you get your cake. Lovely fabrics,love the Eiffel Tower one.
    Happy days.

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