my CREATIVE space 29 July 2010

My creative space today …

is a whole bunch of cut-outs to make 2 really pretty bags with really pretty fabric 🙂

Now, I’m only missing a 14″ zipper.

{p/s: my de-stash SALE is still ONclick on the icon on the right —->>>> }

my creative space 29 jul 10

I have all the other zipper sizes…16″, 8″, 6″, 5″, 20″, 36″… but noooooo 14″. Now frustrating when you need them!

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Here’s also the photos of the 2 bags I made few days ago.

Made from Japanese cotton and Japanese Tenugui (japanese towels). One of my absolute precious fabric.

Rounded bottom Japanese tenugui bag {GOLD FISH}

Rounded bottom Japanese tenugui bag {GOLD FISH}

Rounded bottom Japanese tenugui bag {DICE}



  1. Zinnia Pea | | Reply

    Oh those bags are just gorgeous!! I love, love, love, love the dice one!!! Look forward to seeing even more. =)

  2. byebyebirdie | | Reply

    How annoying about the zipper!! Hope you were able to get to the shops to get one. Love the bag in the top photo. The shape is so cool.

  3. Yana | | Reply

    i know how that feels, very annoying! hopefully you’ll be able to get it soon and get sewing 🙂 btw, those other bags you made are great. i love bags and i love japanese fabrcis! 😀

  4. Morrgan | | Reply

    Such cute fabrics and bags!

  5. jacqueline | | Reply

    You bags are gorgeous!! And i love these gorgeous selection of fabric you used! Such insipring sight! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  6. Nat | | Reply

    Such beautiful bags! So creative, hope that zipper turns up.

  7. Jace | | Reply

    What adorable fabrics! What pretty bags! Well done!

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