Daschound pouches

My creative space today is 2 cute little daschound (is it how you spell it?) —> update:: it’s spelt as DACHSHUND (thanks Shana!)  —  sling pouches.

{plus of course lots and lots of novelty fabric I want to list in my SHOP! but who want to see that right?}

Daschound sling pouch for kids

Love the fabric, love the colour!

Daschound sling pouch for kids

I noticed young girls in church these days love to carry their own sling pouches. And they want to have money inside too! So when collection time comes, they will proudly dig into (like adults do) their bag and take out money for donation. How cute!!!

This pouch has a very simple design. No pockets… just 1 compartment, and a flap that closes with stick-on velcro. It’s soft and kinda puffy as I lined it with some batting. Now… I just have to complete the straps… am thinking of just using thick cotton strings (not fond of sewing my own long long straps).

Daschound sling pouch for kids

Have a merry day ahead! I know I will as the weather has become cooler… yay!

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  1. Mandy | | Reply

    oh gorgeous fabric & lovely purses. Well done!

  2. Maxabella | | Reply

    Adorable. I think you’re so right: a little girl will love one of these!

  3. Susan L | | Reply

    i remember being so proud as a seven year old having my own penny in my purse for the church collection. you’re doing such a nice thing.
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  4. kuka | | Reply

    ooooh wow – those are so adorable!

  5. Bev C | | Reply

    Lovely little purses Grace, good luck with the handles.
    Happy days.

  6. Shana Putnam | | Reply

    It is dachshund and yes i had to google it lol. I love these pouches though. Too cute.

  7. Jace | | Reply

    Cute fabrics! I’d be curious to see the straps. 😀 Will you be selling these to the young girls in church? 😉

  8. jacqueline | | Reply

    Dearest Grace, lovely lovely fabrics! They are sooo adorable and your little pouches are soo sweet. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

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