How do you package your products?

Before I say anything… I will tell you that today is a “bad photo day” for me. All the photos I took doesn’t seem to come out right!!! Arrggg….

OK. I know we all love pretty packagings. In fact it is one of the tactics in advertising. I am a sucker for pretty packagings too! I must say though that even eco-friendly packaging can cost quite a bit.

How do I package my product?

Well… economically and practically I would say!    Not eco friend *sad* and not stunningly attractive nor pretty. Just simple plastic to keep the water out and bubble wrap or foam wrap for protection. Soooooo totally plain and non-eco friendly.

I know I know… we all heart pretty little packages in the mail… but I am just so not creative in this department 🙁

This is what I use:
Plastic Packaging

I splurge a little too much on topping up my stock of plastic packaging last weekend. I must say prices have increased since I last bought them. Hmmph! Oh well…

Now, my dilemma for this week is that I bought this thermal insulation sheet…

Thermal Insulation

thinking to use them to insulate my food warmer (instead of using batting)… but somehowwwww I find it so hard to sew them on fabric!!! HOW???? Any advice appreciated, thanks *smile*.

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  1. jacqueline | | Reply

    I LOVE beautiful packaging both giving and receiving. I usually spend time on packaging my products and it’s something i love to do. I have never sew on thermal insulation sheets. These are great for food warmers. I hope you find a solution to your little problem.
    Oh i have wondeful news!! My fancy wearable cuteness are up for sale at Delactable by Su shops both at Garden’s and Pavillon KL! I hope you find them lovable in person! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

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