applique flex frame

Here’s am example of my matryoshka applique in use :-).

Matryoshka applique flex frame pouch

I made a flex frame pouch with plain cotton, and embellish her using the matryoshka applique I made last week.

I sooo love matryoshka motives and flex frame. Don’t you?

Meanwhile, last weekend I went to Ikea because I had a $50 coupon. What else to spend them on but fabric hehehe… I got these on a bargain 50% off the normal prices, all in 1/2 metre or 1 metre. They are thicker cotton, so very good for making tote bags… best of all no need to use interliner! Yay!

Ikea fabric

Now I’m off to snip ‘n cut up some pattern for a new tote bag I have in mind 🙂

3 thoughts on “applique flex frame”

  1. Hello Grace,

    Love the applique you are working on. Glad you were able to spend your voucher. I would have got material as well.
    Happy days.

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