my lovely new tote bag!

I missed out the creative space at kootoyoo yesterday!!!! arrgggggg…… but nevermind… here’s my update anyway.

My creative space these few days are lot and lots and lots of flex frame pouches. Here’s a sneak peak. I ran out of the flex frames, so I contacted my local supplier… and guess what, she also ran out! How could that be???? So I just need to wait………. meanwhile, I’ll just make the pouches first. It is very easy to slip-on the flex frame all at ones when they arrive.

Soon they will be in my shops too!

Flex frame bags WIP

Before I forget, here’s a tote bag I made for myself. I have so many totes, but I just couldn’t get enough, especially in this orange colour… so bright and summery! For the lack of a better name, I called her my Sunny Tote! haha

sunny tote

Have a lovely Sunday! It’s a longggg weekend for us here in Malaysia, with independence day on Tuesday, most of us (like me) took Monday off too!


  1. Jace | | Reply

    Very nice! One can never have too many totes. 😀

  2. jacqueline | | Reply

    Dearest Grace, your flex frame pouches are soo adorable!! Your are inspiring me to give this a try. 😀 Loving your very cute sunny tote bag!! Looking at it made me smile. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  3. Hilary | | Reply

    Super cute pouches!

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