Kindle Pouch

This is what I made for my Sister. A custom order for her (so to speak).

Last night, I whip this up for her… based on her fussy demand 😛 haha….

Kindle Pouch- front

Sis bought an Amazon Kindle online, and got it delivered to our cousin in Australia {because they don’t deliver to Malaysia! Sooo crappy isn’t it?}. So… the new kindle is already there in Perth… and while waiting for cousin to deliver to her when he comes home for Chrismas… she’s keeping her excitement at bay by making various kindle covers and pouches!

Kindle Pouch- back

Measurement : 9″ x 7″
Pockets : 3 (1 outside, 2 inside)
Compartments : 2 inside (one side for kindle, the other for $, mobile phone…)
Loops : 2 (so that she can hang a wristlet strap or a shoulder strap ~ i have yet to sew that)
Batting: Lots and lots… double on each side… (sis was very specific about having the pouch very very soft and secure for her precious kindle!)

Kindle Pouch- inside

Happy days ahead!

Hanagami batch 2

More Hanagami Pouches !

Hanagami - piggy apples back

The size is 7″ L x 5.” H. Inside 2 pockets that fits credit cards (some have 3 pockets ~ 2 fits credit cards, 1 is really small but I like it as I use it to tuck in folded $notes)

Hanagami - piggy apples inside 2 pockets

The front of the pouch is to put tissue paper (hence the name “hanagami”). The whole pouch is lined with batting for a soft slightly spongy feel. Zipper is YKK medium  {medium = zipper is slightly larger than the normal size zipper, the puller also slightly larger & stainless steel. The price is 2x the normal zipper price too 😛 ~ i believe it should me more durable *hopefully*}
Hanagami - piggy apples front
I simply love them, and they simply love me haha!

More photos here!

Tapau bags

Over the weekends, I made a new version of my Food Warmers. I named them Tapau bags. Tapau means packed food in Cantonese language, a word used very frequently here in KL.

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer) - lovely red hearts

They feature:

  • Small & light & foldable (smaller than the original sized food warmers).  SIZE: 14″ L x9″ W
  • Removable Insulator! For easy cleaning and they are all washable. Since you can separate them, they dry faster too! (insulator: aluminium thermal insulator sheets)
  • Fits perfectly the economy rice box frequently used in the local coffee shops ( the tupperware in photo measures 7.5″ L x 5″ W x 2″H)
  • Affordable prices 🙂

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer) - yellow chrysantemum

 You can find them here and here.

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer)

More photos at flickr.

Sewing on denim

It was my first time sewing with denim using my new sewing machine :-). I feel like it is a huge achievement!


Denim Laptop Tote

This tote is quilted inside, and has just one pocket to fit a 14″ laptop snugly.

The rest of the space can be used to carry your mouse & cable & documents.
Denim Laptop Tote

Velcro to keep everything in place.

Outside, there is a pocket made of grey linen, for loose change, library card, car keys… and can even fit your mobile phone.
Denim Laptop Tote

Look… even with all the batting for protection, the tote is actually still very slim 🙂
Denim Laptop Tote

p/s: i must say that only recently i started using batting in almost all my sewing (as opposed to fusible interliner)… and i need to mention that battings can be costly {at $22/metre…wt#$%^&*& !!!)

One Lunch Bag became 2 :-)

It’s a wonder how a person can get addicted to making something.

I had a custom order from a friend to make her a lunch bag… It’s a pretty common pattern, a bit Japanese-y… or perhaps even Chinese-y style… She wanted the bag to fit the Tupperware container about 8″ (l) x 4.5″ (w) x 3″ (h) size. So off I went a measuring and a cutting…

Here’s the outcome 🙂

Lunch Bag - rainbow piglets

Looks great! I love the look when the drawstring is pulled together and the body of bag becomes like it has pleates at the top.
Lunch Bag - rainbow piglets

Then… off I went to make another one…

Lunch Bag - polka giraffes

…this time I made the top cover (drawstring section) a little wider than the previous one. You can see from the photo that when you close the body of the bag it does not pull in so much on the top (no pleats look), and the bag keeps its shape – this way you don’t have to worry about taller stuff like bottle/mugs tipping off when you pull the drawstring.

Lunch Bag - polka giraffes

Bottom square 9″ (l)  x 4.5″ (w)
Height of body 5″
1 pocket inside 7″ (l) x 4.5″ (h)
Straps 15″ end to end

Batting all over the body ~ can keep food cozy.

*In the photo, is my favourite yellow bento containers!!!  The food container is 480ml and the water container is 500ml, pockets for cutleries.
Lunch Bag - polka giraffes

Want one for your kids? Custom order are most welcome!  {I’ll be making the 2nd version with larger drawstring portion}


Something funny & a swap received

My maid Shivorn said to me today, “Excuse me mam, Scout stole an egg and sit on water four times today”

I was curious as to why that was something she found important to “report” to me… b’cos it’s no surprise that this big dog of mine will spill his drinking water on purpose and sits on it to cool himself, nor a surprise for him to steal any food.

The first question I asked Shivorn was “Where did Scout take the egg from?” … thinking how on earth he can reach the pantry….

Then she repeated few times, “Yes mam, yes mam… Scout stole-an-egg…. and siiitt-water four times today...”

So I re-confirmed slowly, ” Scout egg.. and he.. sat.. on.. water… four times?”

Shivorn said, “Yes mam! … yes…”

Guess what she actually means? Hehehe… I finally figured it out, and still can’t stop laughing !!!


Here’s the swap I received from dear Molly for the Fat Quarter Swap with a Twist August 2010 Group Swap I joined. Molly have not received my parcel yet (it’s my fault, I sent it late on 30th August and with all the state holidays in between… hmmmm..) but I hope she will receive mine soon 🙂

3 photos (lots of goodies from Molly)..

The “stomach” department:
Swap from Molly Aug 2010

The “craft” department:
Swap from Molly Aug 2010

The “stationery” department:
Swap from Molly Aug 2010

Yay! THANK YOU dear Molly! I love them soooooooo much.

Now I’m going to sit down and enjoy the chocolates with nice iced cold honey tea in my kawaii owl mug {don’t you just love the mug??}
New Owl Mug

Hanagami pouches

I’m on holiday (starting in 2 hours time)! I got Thursday and Friday off due to the Raya celebration in Malaysia… so what am I going to do?

Well, I have achieved some of the things I intended to do… amongst them was to rearrange my craft room (done!), make lots of pouches (done!)… and fill up the forms to apply for visa to visit China (done!)… so that leaves me with…. another 101 things to complete hehehe ….

I’m glad I have the next 4 days to work all this out!

Here’s the new pouches I made… I called them Hanagami Pouches. Hanagami means tissue paper in Japanese (hopefully my 2 semester of japanese class don’t fail me here….) !
Hanagami pouches

I have 7 pouches so far… each unique in its own way… some quilted on the outside, some quilted on the inside, some has lace as loops, some no loops, some with 2 pockets inside, some with 3 pockets… but all made with my favourite cotton fabric! 🙂

Hanagami pouches



Updates updates!

Hello Friends,

I made some changes on my shipping policy over the weekends.
As of 2nd September 2010 (any orders received on 2/9/2010 onwards) will be automatically posted as REGISTERED mail with return receipt. This is for both domestic and international shipping. I made this change to serve you all better, giving you {and me} a peace of mind for safer shipping just for a small additional fee. 🙂 You will be able to track all your purchases and need to sign for the package when they arrive.


Over the weekends, I have also received some pre-ordered fabric for you lovely people ~ thank you so much!!!
There are some left {cos I ordered extra for myself hehehe…} and I will either list them in my shop or make them into lovely pouches!

New Linens

I have a 2 new pouch designs coming up…

Look out for them ya?

These are my absolute favourite linens at the moment. Double sided… one side polkadot, the other side strawberries!!!
Double sided linens

Have a nice day you all! 🙂