Something funny & a swap received

My maid Shivorn said to me today, “Excuse me mam, Scout stole an egg and sit on water four times today”

I was curious as to why that was something she found important┬áto “report” to me… b’cos it’s no surprise that this big dog of mine will spill his drinking water on purpose and sits on it to cool himself, nor a surprise for him to steal any food.

The first question I asked Shivorn was “Where did Scout take the egg from?” … thinking how on earth he can reach the pantry….

Then she repeated few times, “Yes mam, yes mam… Scout stole-an-egg…. and siiitt-water four times today...”

So I re-confirmed slowly, ” Scout egg.. and he.. sat.. on.. water… four times?”

Shivorn said, “Yes mam! … yes…”

Guess what she actually means? Hehehe… I finally figured it out, and still can’t stop laughing !!!


Here’s the swap I received from dear Molly for the Fat Quarter Swap with a Twist August 2010 Group Swap I joined. Molly have not received my parcel yet (it’s my fault, I sent it late on 30th August and with all the state holidays in between… hmmmm..) but I hope she will receive mine soon ­čÖé

3 photos (lots of goodies from Molly)..

The “stomach” department:
Swap from Molly Aug 2010

The “craft” department:
Swap from Molly Aug 2010

The “stationery” department:
Swap from Molly Aug 2010

Yay! THANK YOU dear Molly! I love them soooooooo much.

Now I’m going to sit down and enjoy the chocolates with nice iced cold honey tea in my kawaii owl mug {don’t you just love the mug??}
New Owl Mug

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