Sewing on denim

It was my first time sewing with denim using my new sewing machine :-). I feel like it is a huge achievement!


Denim Laptop Tote

This tote is quilted inside, and has just one pocket to fit a 14″ laptop snugly.

The rest of the space can be used to carry your mouse & cable & documents.
Denim Laptop Tote

Velcro to keep everything in place.

Outside, there is a pocket made of grey linen, for loose change, library card, car keys… and can even fit your mobile phone.
Denim Laptop Tote

Look… even with all the batting for protection, the tote is actually still very slim 🙂
Denim Laptop Tote

p/s: i must say that only recently i started using batting in almost all my sewing (as opposed to fusible interliner)… and i need to mention that battings can be costly {at $22/metre…wt#$%^&*& !!!)


  1. Jace | | Reply

    Well done, Grace! Lovely design – especially love the cute outer pocket. 😀 Is it for yourself or are you selling it?

    • Whimsy Loft | | Reply

      Hi Jace, I have given this tote to my sister 🙂 hehe..

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