Tapau bags

Over the weekends, I made a new version of my Food Warmers. I named them Tapau bags. Tapau means packed food in Cantonese language, a word used very frequently here in KL.

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer) - lovely red hearts

They feature:

  • Small & light & foldable (smaller than the original sized food warmers).  SIZE: 14″ L x9″ W
  • Removable Insulator! For easy cleaning and they are all washable. Since you can separate them, they dry faster too! (insulator: aluminium thermal insulator sheets)
  • Fits perfectly the economy rice box frequently used in the local coffee shops ( the tupperware in photo measures 7.5″ L x 5″ W x 2″H)
  • Affordable prices 🙂

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer) - yellow chrysantemum

 You can find them here and here.

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer)

More photos at flickr.


  1. Jace | | Reply

    Very nice! I can see that they’re well made. 🙂 Love the blue/purple gingham one.

  2. Ravenhill | | Reply

    Oh, these are so pretty and clever!
    emily xo

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