Kindle Pouch

This is what I made for my Sister. A custom order for her (so to speak).

Last night, I whip this up for her… based on her fussy demand 😛 haha….

Kindle Pouch- front

Sis bought an Amazon Kindle online, and got it delivered to our cousin in Australia {because they don’t deliver to Malaysia! Sooo crappy isn’t it?}. So… the new kindle is already there in Perth… and while waiting for cousin to deliver to her when he comes home for Chrismas… she’s keeping her excitement at bay by making various kindle covers and pouches!

Kindle Pouch- back

Measurement : 9″ x 7″
Pockets : 3 (1 outside, 2 inside)
Compartments : 2 inside (one side for kindle, the other for $, mobile phone…)
Loops : 2 (so that she can hang a wristlet strap or a shoulder strap ~ i have yet to sew that)
Batting: Lots and lots… double on each side… (sis was very specific about having the pouch very very soft and secure for her precious kindle!)

Kindle Pouch- inside

Happy days ahead!

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  1. Sheena | | Reply

    Grace its gorgeous!!I loveee the print!!

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