miss smockie

I’ve been working on my smocking skills using my sewing machine. Created a simple clutch or wristlet using basic smocking.

Here’s some custom clutch I made for a friend.
Named this clutch design Miss Smockie 😛

Miss Smockie - sweet roses

They measure 7″ x 4.5″
Inside is just a simple 1 pocket, fully interfaced for durability. I tried using heavier cotton or linen as the lining fabric, since the outside I use lightweight cotton.

Miss Smockie - tiny tulips (custom order)

When I have time, I’m going to make some for the shop 😉

I’ll be going for my annual holiday to Chengdu next week, so this could be my last post until I get home in November !


  1. jacqueline | | Reply

    Dearest sweet grace, im always a huge fan os smocking!! Your little pouches are soo pretty. 🙂 Oh my how wonderful that you are going on a holiday at Chengdu!!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you! Oh and a wonderful merry happy trip!

    ps: i am also planning and looking forward to a white christmas in europe this year. Praying that everything will work out as plan!

  2. Bev C | | Reply

    Hello Grace,

    Enjoy your holiday. The smocked bag is just so lovely.
    Happy days.

  3. Ravenhill | | Reply

    Grace, your new purse is so cute! I love the smocking.
    hugs from emily xo

  4. jacqueline | | Reply

    Dearest sweet grace, came to visit you and to see how you are doing. I hope all is well and good for you sweet friend. Wishing you a lovely merry happy long weekend and a wonderful time at genting! Enjoy the cooling weather for me too! 🙂 Love to you!

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