Wow! The last time I blogged here was in November 2010, and now it is already middle of January in the New Year.

Well, not too late to wish you my dear Readers A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! May this year be filled with love, peace, joy and lots of craftiness !!!

How did your start your new year?

Mine started a little slow, initially it didn’t feel like a new year to me… but eventually after 16 days into the new year, things are starting to look brighter and I’m starting to feel that YES! this is indeed a New Year with new hopes and new dreams and looking forward for the many blessings 2011 will bring 🙂

I made this in December all through New Year.

Lunch bags - red

This is the famous what most people will call “the lunch bag” type of bag.  To me it is a variation (different size) bag to my earlier version of lunch bag.

This one here measures 7? (l) x 7? (w) x 5? (h).
Lunch bags - blue

More photos here.

I will be busy {again} for a while, but I’ve got quite a lot of items I sewed up these past months and will post them on intervals when I can. Have a great week ahead !

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  1. jacqueline | | Reply

    Dearest sweet grace, happy new year!! Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year and i look forward to share more adventures with you! Oh MY these lunch bags are awesome and soo adorable. I wanted to make myself a lunch bag too but have yet to find that perfect time! Yours are just soo beautiful! Love to you!

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