Hello my dear friends.

I’m back!

Such a cliche 😛


I was in Holland at least 3 weeks in each month for the past 5 months. Had a wonderful time working plus sightseeing during the weekends.

I know I could have blogged from there, but I was too tired after work daily (tough project, trust me!).

But now I’m back with no project (until next week :P).

So I fill my days with crafty projects instead.


I’ve been back home almost 2 weeks now. 

Towards the end of my trip, while I was on the plane back I kept on thinking about what to make when I came home. Miss crafting so much 🙂


I wasn’t all quiet the past 2 weeks, have been trying out a new craft. More to come soon…

… but for now, photos of tulips from my visit to Keukenhof…

Oh what a lovely sight!


I saw the end on winter and the begining of spring. BEAUTIFUL!


Tired but happy.


They all look the same after a while, but I enjoyed myself walking in the garden and taking lots of photos!

This photo below reminds me of Adelaide during summer (somehow dessert & summer comes to mind…).


Have a merry time, I’m off to the gym 😉

p/s: i changed the website’s template.. and the header photo is taken by me in Keukenhof. nice?

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