Articles from June 2011

I’m Slightly Sad

because my sewing machine is not feeling well. I suspect it’s the thread tension. Tried correcting it, but somehow it didn’t work :-(. My latest project I whipped up yesterday and today. The white one is nicely sewn (b4 the machine got sick…), but the yellow one has missing stitches,

New found love

Last month, sitting in my cosy little hotel room in The Haag, I suddenly decided to love decoupage. So, through ebay, I bought my first bottle of Mod Podge Outdoor. The idea was that a week or so later, when I’m home, the bottle of mod podge would have reached

wood and paint

This is what I’ve been up to lately. Making blocks and blocks of images of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, meant as gifts to my friends. But until I master the skill of wood work and painting to¬†get the perfect image on a perfect block, these remains in my