New found love

Last month, sitting in my cosy little hotel room in The Haag, I suddenly decided to love decoupage.

So, through ebay, I bought my first bottle of Mod Podge Outdoor. The idea was that a week or so later, when I’m home, the bottle of mod podge would have reached my doorstep and I can start my projects!

But no… it didn’t arrive. I waited and waited, got all my other supplies ready and it still didn’t arrive. In my haste to get my project started, I went to the local craft store in 1 Utama, and bought myself a Mod Podge Fabric. Guess what it was $5 cheaper than ordering online :P.

I got myself a Mod Podge Fabric, and I started using this on wood… hehe… turned out okay, I wouldn’t know the differences between the different types of mod podge anyways, as long as it serves it’s purpose of decoupaging and not destroying my work. Good enough for me.

Then yesterday, the postman brough me this….

He came in a large van, holding out a cardboard box size of a shoe box…

… and lo and behold it was my mod podge!

Nice way of packaing a 8oz. bottle in a large shoe box. I like the air baloons!

I was all for accepting the fact that my mod podge got lost in post 😛

One of my “bestest” photo taken in sunny Kinderdijk, Holland. Love love love the bicycle rides, windy day, nice scenery, sweet apple pie there… 

Now I’m off to completing my decoupage project. More photos soon.

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