Cook more, right?

I mentioned that one of my aspiration is to cook more right?

Well, yes! I’ve been on a Nyonya food rampage of late. Been cooking {authentic} Penang Nyonya food since 2 weeks ago; and stalking some Nyonya restaurants to try out their food in order to compare them to mine ^^

If you don’t know what Nyonya food is, please read here and here.

My paternal Grandma was a Nyonya from Penang, and most of the dishes I cooked is what she has either taught my Mother or myself.

Here’s some of the dishes I have cooked recently:

Ondek-ondek (Glutonous rice balls filled with palm sugar):

Ayam Pongteh (chicken in fermented bean paste sauce):
Nyonya ayam pongteh

Penang Assam Laksa (noodles in fish soup):
Penang assam laksa, homemade

Sambal babi (pork in chilli paste):
Nyonya pork rib sambal


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