TV Show Addiction

I am a TV series person. I get baited and hooked on a certain type of genry. I like series with supernatural bits such as vampires and werewolves, and the wizards and witches type. 

So, I love Merlin, Supernatural, Harry Potter (yes these are movies), Ones Upon a Time, Grimm, Ghost Whisperer… and when I start watching, I want to watch all available seasons from the begining to end, and I want to watch them all at one go. I am too impatient to wait for next week for a new episode to come out. So I usually compile them. I watch like 10 episodes (or 1 season if available) at a go. Those days are what I call “my movie marathon days”. It’s usually a day of pyjamas and comfort food, no make up, untidy unwashed hair. Oh, I so love those days. Those series takes up permanent residence in my being, for days after my movie marathon, my mind floats around as if I am part of the cast.

Recently I’m into Ones Upon a Time and Grimm. There’s a problem here. These are series are ongoing, so that means I have to wait like 1 month to get about 4 episodes to watch. Hmmph!  

 What are your favourite movie genry?

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