Hello Mr Hippo!

So a week ago, I introduced Scout to Mr Hippo! (yes with the exclaimation mark).

Scout has this “security blanket” conditioning, whereby he needs to have his “ball” (a toy) in his mouth when he gets excited. Everytime anyone of us returns home, he has to go grab his ball and come greet us. He will search and search the whole house upside down inside out until he finds his any one of his toys.

So, Scout has his favourite toy aka Patrick the red doggy. But poor Patrick has been mauled, chewed on, torn and peed on, left in the garden… and he is just a mess. I decided it’s time Scout has a new Patrick kinda toy. So here comes Mr Hippo!

hello hippo!

The introduction was easy. Scout pretending to be oblivious and then slowly but firmly he took Mr Hippo! in his big big mouth.

hello hippo!

Then, almost immediately they bonded!

hello hippo!

Here in this photo below, you can see Scout enjoying the bright sunny day in our porch, with Mr Hippo! sleeping on his chest. Can you spot Mr Hippo! ?

hello hippo!

Also, if you look closely… there’s a small pillow by the pot. That’s one Scout’s “ball”.

Happy day to you all. I’m thinking of something crafty to post soon…soon soon..soon… ^_^

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