Articles from March 2012

Magnets from Bali

My Parents went to Bali for the weekend to attend my Uncle’s wedding. As always, I will request for fridge magnets as souvenirs. If nothing else, just bring me magnets! I collect them. Like crazy!!! Here’s what they bought me. I was expecting just 1 or 2, but 16 !!!!

penguin buttons!

Aren’t they cute?! Those wooden penguin buttons. These photos came from my custom order photo stash. I’ve been looking through my old photos and re-organising my hard drive, doing some archiving. I realise now it’s time to get a new hard drive, much space is needed! How to you store

Old Flames

Today, after having fallen ill for more than 1 week, I finally felt so much better. I started having sorethroat this morning, but this is so much better than having fever and bodyache and feeling tired all the time. I was browsing through some old photos of mine, all those things