Completely random and in manglish (malaysian-english).

I think most of you already know that google retired the Google Friends Connect for wordpress in Nov 2011, and in replacement created this thing Google+. So guess what yours truly here didn’t know about this until just a few weeks ago.

Yada yada yada… to cut the cerita (story) short… I lost all my network on my Google Friends Connect. See the box on the right of this site that says “my friends”… KOSONG!!!! (empty!!!)… my beratus-ratus kawans all lost… :((( don’t know where to find them back… macam mana oooo????

And because of that I created the FB pages lah… want to use the Google+ also don’t know if can trust or not… nanti kaput like the Google Friends Connect apa macam? So I think FB more stable and at least I know how to use it mah…

Google did say can import my network using API… but WHAT is API… api? fire? Ini yours truly mmg not savy in all this stuff so lantak lah I don’t want to try. Biar cam tu sj, I will use my FB to network.

So, this is what I made for dinner yesterday. Cinamon pork ribs (lots of sauce cos my family loves sauce, a true nyonya way of eating is to drench your rice in sauce! )Cinamon pork ribs

And okra in oyster sauce with lots of garlic.
Boiled Okra with oyster sauce

All that cooking done while I baked my Kuih Lapis (layered cake). Bila senang nnt I post the recipe for the cake. Yo people, good night!

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